Les Sarnoff

Pencil, 18×24”
Artist comment: “I had just started working on this portrait of Les Sarnoff when I heard the news that he had passed away the night before. Knowing he was very ill, my intent was to complete the drawing while he was still alive, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. The original drawing will be given to his wife Rita, and a reproduction of the drawing was presented to KINK-FM, his home for over 30 years. Les was the voice of KINK in Portland, Oregon, and I don’t ever remember not hearing his wonderful voice on the radio. Now, my hope is that this portrait will help keep his spirit alive in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved him. I heard someone say that “Portland will never be the same without him, but that Portland will never be the same because of him”. Amen. He will be greatly missed.

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