Liana III


It’s always a great feeling to start off the New Year with a new portrait painting. This year is especially meaningful to me, because before I started this painting in early December, I hadn’t painted in almost a year. As an artist, that long absence from painting can make one feel very hesitant to bring out the brushes and canvas again. There’s the feeling of being out of practice, and even worse… fear of not being able to paint anything at all! Well, I got out my brushes, relished in the familiar smells of the oil paints as I mixed my palette, and took a deep breath and started to paint. Trusting that all my years of painting experience had not disappeared, I began the process of building my painting. I paint in layers, and for the first time I’ve documented this process in a slideshow. I’m still not quite finished, but it’s mostly there. I’m going to set it aside for awhile, and then see if there’s anything else it needs…

3 responses on “Liana III

  1. Larry Hawk

    Once again…, as always…, Diane Russell captures the true spirit of the figure. Diane is a remarkable and extraordinary portrait artist.
    I have commissioned her for several projects including a portrait of my own mother Randi V. Canlett. I treasure them all.

  2. Sam Dennis

    I saw ‘Liana Rose’ at the OSA Rose show last week (06/2016) and it was extraordinary. The hands, the hair, amazing.

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